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Manage your inventory in mobile app by using Excel template as a source

The Inventory Management App allows keeping track of inventory items by using pre-defined Excel templates as sources.

Sync your app with Google Sheets!

Use Google Sheets as the source where Inventory Management App is a data capture system and Excel does the data analysis job. Run your inventory in excel by using pre-defined templates.

Use Excel inventory template with formulas to calculate output

Add bar-code reader by going to spreadsheet Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and enabled Scannable in the Name field. Use scanning as the source instead of typing Item names.

Slice columns: Advanced Editor > Data > Slices, select a slice that shows a subset of columns. Filter columns that you want to display or don't want to be shown in your inventory management app system

Add formulas to the columns in Google spreadsheet and change the value of inventory based on input entries

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